1. simsgonewrong:

    This evil little thief came into my sims home, stole their spiral staircase and then began walking down the (no longer there) stairs she had just nabbed!


  2. swagga swag

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  3. not giving any context because it’s funnier that way

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  4. simsgonewrong:

    So this happened 


  5. simsgonewrong:

    My Sim was WooHooing with the Art Critic, and a random tavern-goer decided to watch thfough the window


  6. simsgonewrong:

    That looks… very comfortable.


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  8. stupidfuckingsims:

    the ritual of death is complete


  9. partayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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  10. This isn’t the time or the place to think of buttery waffles


  11. MOM stop embarrassing yourself!


  12. stupidfuckingsims:

    "no fat chicks"

    "i’m not fat i’m pregant you fuck"


  13. I really have no clue why he started acting this weird


  14. uhhhhhh…..huh.


  15. simsgonewrong:

    Multi-tasking at its best.